The Origin

Theracurmin® starts off as raw turmeric, sourced and harvested from carefully selected farms and production areas in Asia.

Selection Process

The ingredients in Theracurmin® are raw materials that can be taken safely from the start. Theracurmin is made with everyone in mind and is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-allergic.


Starting as Turmeric, the raw materials are dried, ground, and transformed into curcumin. The raw curcumin powder is then micronized with patented technology and spray-dried. After being carefully inspected for quality control, the manufactured Theracurmin® is packed and shipped.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family and is widely spread throughout Southeast Asia. Commonly used as a spice, flavoring, and coloring agent and as a food preservative, turmeric is used often in curries.

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a polyphenol contained in the rhizome of turmeric and is the main active ingredient in turmeric. Curcumin gives turmeric its unmistakable, bright yellow color. Curcumin is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and for being a great source of anti-oxidants. However, when taken in a standard powdered form the benefits are not maximized due to low bioavailability. Studies are constantly being conducted on curcumin and its benefits.

What is Theracurmin®?

Theracurmin® was created in order to combat the low bioavailability and absorption rates that curcumin has. Using Japanese technology such as sub-micron particle processing and surface controlled technique, particles of curcumin are made to optimum size to be more easily absorbed by the human body.

Theracurmin® vs. Curcurmin

Theracurmin® is significantly reduced in size compared to regular curcumin particles, making it easily absorbable, and giving it a higher bioavailability than raw curcumin.

Original Micrograph Image

Absorption of Theracurmin®

The larger the particle size, the harder it is to be absorbed into our bodies. While turmeric has been used as a health supplement for centuries, a large amount needs to be ingested in order to see any benefits. Theracurmin® possesses high bioavailability, making it easier for our bodies to absorb and make use of its health properties.

Dispersion of Curcumin

The small particle size of Theracurmin® also makes it easy to blend in liquid. The dispersion of Theracurmin® in water remains the same color and opacity and does not settle compared to other curcumin preparations.

Dispersion in Action

Once stirred into a liquid, Theracurmin® does not clump together, sit on top of the surface or sink to the bottom, but disperses evenly throughout the liquid. Consuming Theracurmin® this way will not impact its health properties.

Bioavailability Graph

90 mg of Theracurmin® is over 42 times more bioavailable than 90 mg of ordinary curcumin. The study conducted was a randomized, open-label, cross-over study with 24 healthy participants. Findings showed that Theracurmin® is more easily absorbed in the body than regular curcumin, making Theracurmin® more effective.

Infographics Downloads

Below are downloadable infographics showcasing data from key studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of Theracurmin® in a variety of different health areas.

Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory


Muscle Recovery

Dementia Support

Liver Function

Cardiovascular Support

Effect on COPD

Cancer Treatment

Safety and Toxicity

Theracurmin® is a safe material. Extensive toxicity and safety evaluations have been performed to validate the safety of Theracurmin®.

Test TypeAmes testChromosome aberration testMicronucleus assay testAcute toxicity study (Rats)Subacute toxicity study (Rats)Subchronic toxicity study (Rats)
Test DetailSalmonella spp. (4 strains)
In vitro chromosome aberration test in Chinese hamster lung cellsMale sprague dewley rats bone marrow micronucleus assayDose: 1250,2500,5000mg/kg
(As curcumin 375,750,1500mg/kg)
Dose: 0,625,1250,2500,5000mg/kg
(As curcumin 0,187.5,375,750,1500mg/kg)
Period: 2 weeks
Dose: 0,1250,2500,5000mg/kg
(As curcumin 0,375,750,1500mg/kg)
Period: 13 weeks
ResultNegativeNegativeNegativeNo toxicological findings observed through oral administrationNo toxicological findings observed through oral administrationNo toxicological findings observed through oral administration
Test Type
4-week clinical study in healthy volunteers at excessive dosage12-week clinical study in healthy volunteers at standard dosage
Test Detail
Tested dosage: 900mg/q.d./p.o. (as curcumin, 5x of standard dosage)
Period: 4weeks
Tested dosage: 180mg/q.d./p.o. (as curcumin standard dosage)
Period; 12weeks.
THERACURMIN® was proved safe in this study
THERACURMIN® was proved safe in this study
*q.d.: Once a day
p.o.: Oral intake
ADI: Acceptable Daily Intake
Standard dosage: 180mg/day (as curcumin)= ADI: 3mg/kg x 60kg (average adult body weight)
Study TitleMemory and Brain Amyloid and Tau Effects of a Bioavailable Form of Curcumin in Non-Demented Adults: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled 18-Month Trial.12-week clinical study in healthy volunteers at standard dosage
Test DetailSubject: Non-Demented Adults
THERACURMIN® dose: 180mg/day
Period: 18 months
Subject: Patients with stage Ⅰ-ⅡCOPD
THERACURMIN® dose: 180mg/day
Period: 6 months
ResultNo serious adverse effects were obsevered in this studyNo serious adverse effects were obsevered in this study


While Theracurmin® retains turmeric’s bright yellow color, it is flavorless, odorless, and does not need to be taken in capsule form. Mixing it with liquids or foods will not change its effectiveness, making it an easy addition to tea, water, and other foods.





Ready to Drink



Find answers to the most asked questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch through our Contact page.

What is the curcumin content of Theracurmin®?

The curcumin content of Theracurmin® is 30%, and no other active ingredients are used. This means 300mg of raw Theracurmin® equates to 90mg of active Theracurmin®.

What is the standard dosage?

Standard dosage depends on the regulation of each country. In reference to clinical studies, it is recommended to take 90mg twice a day for optimal effect.

Is Theracurmin® stable at high light intensity? At high heat?

Yes, Theracurmin® shows high stability in both Photostability and Thermal stability tests. It showed little changes at a light intensity of 500 Langley and 1000 Langley (500 Langley equivalent to UV of two summer days), and showed stable survival rate at 95°C and 120°C.

Does Theracurmin® have a distinct taste or smell?

Theracurmin® has close to no taste or smell when taken on its own, which makes the material compatible with various forms of food applications such as beverages and gummies.

Overall Effect

Theracurmin® is clinically proven to have a positive impact on people’s health and can be taken by everyone. People wanting to improve or maintain their health can do so with Theracurmin®.