Mission and Vision

Theravalues strives to help individuals around the world achieve their definition of an optimal life, promoting meaningful living for all people.

We do so by providing quality products made from raw ingredients that have been used for centuries in natural medicine and healing practices. We utilize cutting-edge Japanese technology to create health solutions that are backed by our evidence-oriented process.

Our Values

Theravalues has a strong commitment to quality, evidence, ethical transparency, and the environment.

Commitment to Quality

The highest level of ingredients are used to manufacture our products in Japan.

Evidence Oriented

With scientific evidence being the foundation of Theravalues, the safety and efficacy of our products are supported by research.


Regulations are strictly followed in our facilities to ensure transparency and reliability.

Environmentally Conscious

All our ingredients are naturally sourced and plant based to provide sustainable products.

Our Story

With a passion to provide people with a safe and effective means of improving overall health and wellbeing, Theravalues was founded in 2007 in Tokyo, Japan.

From the beginning we have been utilizing naturally sourced and clinically proven ingredients, leveraging proprietary Japanese technology to ensure the highest quality. With over 30 clinical studies and more ongoing, Theravalues strives to further build our valued customers’ confidence in our products based on scientific evidence.