Naturally Sourced

The foundation of our products starts with natural, plant-based ingredients grown and harvested in Asia.

Innovative Solutions

We use proprietary Japanese technology to transform raw material into a highly bioavailable ingredient.


Our products are clinically proven to ensure they are safe and effective, backed by our well documented research.

Meaningful Living

Theravalues strives to make functional ingredients that contribute to creating a purposeful lifestyle.

Our Products

Every product Theravalues makes is supported by scientific research. We use natural ingredients that are proven safe, effective, and support a healthy lifestyle.


Regular turmeric powder is difficult to absorb, making it challenging to get the full health benefits from ingesting on its own. Theracurmin® particles are significantly reduced in size compared to regular curcumin particles, making it more absorbable with a higher bioavailability than raw curcumin.

Theracurmin Super®

Theracurmin Super® is clinically proven to be 84 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin, reducing the number of capsules per dose to get the benefits found in curcumin.

Bioavailability in Motion

Theracurmin® overcomes the low bioavailability of curcumin through its unique physicochemical properties. Watch how Theracurmin® compares to curcumin when dispersed in water in the video below.

Clinical Evidence

Theravalues strives to build confidence in our products through evidence. Read any of our studies to find out more about how our products can contribute to a healthy and meaningful life.

Recent News

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Theravalues Thought Leaders

Theravalues roots itself in science supported by experts in the industry. Read more on our key thought leaders that make it possible.

Dr. Gary Small

Key Opinion Leader

  • Professor and Medical Specialist, UCLA and Hackensack University Medical Center
  • TED Talk Speaker 
  • Best-seller author

Dr. Gary Small is a well-respected Medical Specialist and Professor. Named one of the world’s top 50 innovators in science and technology by Scientific American, a reputable scientific magazine, Dr. Small has been at the forefront of research on age-related cognitive decline and mental illness.

Dr. Sherry Xie

Senior Consultant

  • Ph.D. in Phytochemistry
  • Holder of 7 patents in the US and Canada
  • Expert in different dosage designs
  • Oversees technical support for manufacturing issues and customer complaints
  • Research leader including in botanic herbal formulation, extraction, functions and treatments of diseases

Dr. Sherry Xie has over 16 years of experience in the formulation of natural products. An expert in different dosage designs, Dr. Xie is a former advisory member of Health Canada on traditional Chinese medicine. 

Mr. Yoshitaka Kuwabara

Executive Director in Research & Development

  • Pharmaceutical industry expert
  • Clinical study development
  • Product development collaboration with multi-national pharmaceutical companies

Mr. Yoshitaka Kuwabara is an R&D expert in nano-technology. Mr. Kuwabara is a leading pharmaceutical industry expert and is an experienced product strategist and regulatory specialist.