Background Researches

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Background Researches

Endeavoring to accomplish R&D mission by taking advantage of leading edge technologies and modern science

We as R&D pursuers, are committed to create “new meaningful values for the society” by utilizing own best knowledge, wisdom and creativity at own command along with maintaining the level of own scientific, technical and emotional possessions at all times high.

In order to create a new product providing true values to the consumers, it is essential to own creativity striking against status quo and skills for approaching based on state of the art technologies.

We are always striving for searching new materials and products, clarifying action mechanism and efficacy of health ingredients as well as engaging R&D works based on health and medical points of view. We have positioned our role to find out valuable knowledge or technologies and unpolished idea amongst educational and public institutes, then commercialize them by our unique approaches.

●Subject of Research and Materials

 [ Main subjects ] 

  • Enhancement of liver and heart function
  • Whitening, beauty, slimming
  • Cognitive function, anti-aging of the brain
  • Anti-obesity, antihyperlipidemic, anti-metabolic syndrome
  • Body rhythm adjustment, antidepressant
  • Anti-cancer (pancreas, liver, glandula prostatica, intestine)
  • anti-oxidant, anti-aging (Heat function, skin)
  • anti-fatigue, exercises aid
  • anti-inflammatory, antiallergy, antiatopic

[ Materials for research ]

  • Curcumin, Flavonoids, Other Phytochemicals

Clinical Trials

Completed Clinical Trials

Research Area Institute/University Result
Brain function UCLA Improved memory and attention in non-demented middle-aged and older adults Clinical
UCLA(VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System) Significantly increased BDNF level of Schizophrenia Clinical
Tehran Univ. of medical sciences Significantly decreased attack frequency of migraine patients Clinical
Hepatic function Takanawa Medical Clinic Significantly improved γ-GTP, AST and ALT Clinical
Alcohol metabolism Theravalues Corp. Significantly reduced blood-acetaldehyde level Clinical
Joint Health (Osteoarthritis) Kyoto Medical Center Significantly reduced VAS for pain, NSAID (Celecoxib) dependence Clinical
Cardiovascular function Tsukuba Univ. Significantly improved carotid artery stiffness and other functions Clinical
Anti-oxidant stress Tsukuba Univ. Significantly decreased oxidant stress by exercise Clinical
Muscle fatigue relief Tsukuba Univ. Significantly accelerated muscle fatigue recovery Clinical
Japan Institute of Sports Sciences significantly decreased muscle soreness Clinical
Cancer Kyoto Univ. Significantly improved QOL of patients Clinical
Respiratory disease Kyoto Medical Center Significantly reduced AT-LDL change ratio of COPD patients Clinical

Ongoing Clinical Trials

Research Area Institute/University Trial Design Dosage / Duration
(cartilage repair)
Kyoto Medical Center Double-blind placebo control, N=50 90mg x 2/day Clinical
Colon cancer prevention Tokushima Univ. + 16 facilities Double-blind placebo control, N=600 180mg x 2/day
2 years
Hypertensive Heart Failure/ Diastolic Dysfunction Kyoto Medical Center Double-blind placebo control, N=230 90mg x 2/day
6 months
PMD (Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease) National Institute of Neuroscience, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry Open trial, N=10 1mg/kg for 2 months, 4mg/kg for 10 months (total 12 months) Clinical
Hepatic function 1. CHA University, CHA bundang medical center
2. The catholic univ. of Korea St. Vincent’s hospital
Double-blind placebo control, N=90 90mg x 2/day, 12weeks Clinical

Collaborating research institutes and locations

Collaborating research institutes

Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, Tsukuba University, Tokyo University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Juntendo University, Waseda University, Chiba University, Nagoya University, Chubu University, Kanazawa University, Kyoto University, Kyoto Medical Center, Osaka University, Kagoshima University, UCLA, MD Anderson Hospital (University of Texas), Florida University, Yale University, Marshall University

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