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Hold global vision by all individual staff

Theravalues is working on new product development proposal to creating a new business model with keeping “Health” in mind as a key word.
It is creating innovations in the health care business area based on the academic researches and our own unique idea generation process

機能性素材開発 研究開発・受託サービス 消費者向け商品の開発・販売コンサルティング 創薬
Development of Functional material
  • ●Nano dispersion DDS technology
  • ●Phytochemicals
  • ●Functional material
  • ●New supply chain development
  • ●R&D commission work
  • [Research area]
    • ・Enhancement of liver and heart function
    • ・Whitening, beauty, slimming
    • ・Cognitive function, anti-aging of the brain
    • ・anti-obesity, antihyperlipidemic, anti-metabolic syndrome
    • ・Body rhythm adjustment, antidepressant
    • ・Anti-cancer (pancreas, liver, glandula prostatica, intestine)
    • ・anti-oxidant, anti-aging (Heat function, skin)
    • ・anti-fatigue, exercises aid
    • ・anti-inflammatory, antiallergy, antiatopic
  • [Materials for research]
    Curcumin, Flavonoids, Other Phytochemicals
Sales for functional food materials and consulting for B2B
  • ●Assays for cell, animal test, blood concentration
  • ●Bioavailability for food material
  • ●Consultation
Product development for B2C and consulting
  • ●Functional drink
  • ●Functional foods
  • ●Supplement

[Application example]
Functional beverage, Gummy, Chewable, Tablets, Capsules