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Raw materials for functional health food ingredient

セラクルミン® CR-033Pのイメージ図セラクルミン® CR-033Pのイメージ図

Theracurmin® CR-033P

Contains 30% of high bioavailable curcumin for functional supplement ingredient.

In the clinical studies, Theracurmin® demonstrates 27 times higher bioavailability than ordinary curcumin powder. This is enabled by the unique and patented technology to produce stable sub-micron particles. As it also has water dispersion capability and heat and light resistance characteristics, it is applicable to any forms of products.



  • ●Hard Capsule
  • ●Tablet
  • ●Granules
  • ●Beverage, Liquid
  • ●Gummy, Chewable, Gum
  • ●Jerry
  • ●Ice lolly, Popsicle, Sherbet
  • ●Noodles


EMIQ® R-20
(Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin)

The world first commercialized WATER SOLUBLE flavonol glycoside with higher bioavailability.

EMIQ is EMIQ® is chemically alpha-glycosyl Isoquercitrin, consist of quercetin monogulucoside with 0 – 10 of additional liner glucose moieties. EMIQ® also shows significantly greater bioavailability than other available forms. In human, it showed a 17-fold increase in plasma concentration of quercetin compared to ordinal quercetin.
EMIQ® has been self-affirmed GRAS. (N. GR000220)